• What's On Your Whiteboard?

    Our team conducts complex policy and market research for investors, donors, and entrepreneurs. We craft strategies to help organizations scale and make an impact. 


  • Due Diligence

    “Whiteboard’s education team has been able to provide us with the sort of analysis and understanding of policy and political trends that can impact an investment decision or strategy.  Their insight into K12 and post secondary education markets is unparalleled.”

    Brooke Coburn, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group


  • Risk Assessment

    “While the findings of the most recent engagement were not positive, the facts are what they are and it is difficult, if not impossible, to put capital at risk when the situation could change quickly in an adverse manner to the business model. The findings of your work helped us reach a quick and we believe ultimately the right conclusion.”

    Sean Barrette, Vice President, Chicago Growth Partners 


  • Market Insight

    In "Beyond Bootcamps," produced for General Assembly, we explore the regulatory implications for new models of higher education.

Research. Advocacy. Communications.  Whiteboard Advisors is a unique strategy and consulting firm. We help entrepreneurs, investors, and donors navigate complex challenges to make an impact. Our team has an unparalleled understanding of highly regulated markets, including education and health and wellness. We pair on-the-ground experience with industry knowledge, insights from White House service and leadership in state capitals. 

W/A In The News

Skipping Copper: The Consumerization of Edtech, TechCrunch, Ben Wallerstein and Jacob Stigliz

"As policy geeks, it’s easy to forecast limited investment in supplemental learning because of cultural norms or the structure of U.S. public education. But convenience has a funny way of shaping consumer behavior. Broadband ubiquity and mobile computing are beginning to bend the curve on access and, in turn, consumption. And it’s happening quickly."

Which Student Data Privacy Bill Will Become Law?, EdSurge

"...But there’s dim hope for Vitter’s proposal, according to a survey of 50 to 75 political 'Insiders' published by Whiteboard Advisors, a Washington, DC-based consulting firm that publishes a monthly pulse check on proposed legislations."

5 Things Colleges Can Expect from Congress in 2015Chronicle of Higher Education

"In a recent survey by Whiteboard Advisors, a policy-oriented consulting business, only 8 percent of higher-education insiders predicted the higher-education bill would be finished by the end of December."

Partnering with Government to Tackle Big Problems: 5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to KnowVentureBeat, Ben Wallerstein

"I’d like to encourage more entrepreneurs and investors to consider partnering with the public sector, understand its order, and master the sometimes Byzantine systems that will enable them to make an impact. Here are five recommendations for CEOs considering government challenges — or opportunities"

Morning Education, POLITICO

"Former North Carolina Gov. Beverly E. Purdue has joined the Whiteboard Advisors team of senior advisors."

Where Would Hillary Clinton Stand on the No Child Left Behind Act?, Education Week

"Assuming, of course, that Congress hasn't managed to pass legislation to rewrite the law by then, a move education insiders are considering to be less and less likely these days, according to this great flash poll from Whiteboard Advisors."

Don't Drop The Ball, US News and World Report

"According to a poll conducted by Whiteboard Advisors, Washington insiders place the odds of getting the bill reauthorized this year at 40 percent – still less than 50-50, but a stronger showing than even a few months ago."

Senator Alexander's Draft NCLB Bill: Cheet Sheet, Education Week

"But the bill doesn't appear to get rid of the 'supplement not supplant' requirement, which says, essentially, that federal funds can't replace local dollars. The details of supplement-not-supplant would change quite a bit though, something David DeSchryver of Whiteboard Advisors, an education policy shop, explained really well here."

The New Innovator's Dilemma, Huffington Post, Ben Wallerstein and Michael Moe

"Increasingly, we're worried that a generation of entrepreneurs is facing a "new innovators dilemma" -- where innovation is stymied by regulatory and political environments focused on outdated needs and the wrong set of 'customers.'"

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