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"Whiteboard Advisors has a well-earned reputation as the go-to public affairs firm for the most innovative companies and entrepreneurs in education."

Michael Moe, Co-Founder and CEO, GSV Asset Management

“I continue to be hugely impressed by Whiteboard's thoughtful approach to education PR, their extensive network, and also their flexibility as our needs change in the rapidly developing edtech world."

Tom Glover, Communications Director, TES Global

"Whiteboard Advisors has been an invaluable resource to our team, providing thoughtful and tactical support as we navigate the complexity of public policy and its impact on our strategy and mission."

Liz Simon, Vice President, Legal and External Affairs, General Assembly

"The Whiteboard Advisors team pairs unique insights into policy and politics with a deep commitment to social impact. They provided us with clear guidance to support our campaign."

Lindsay Jones, Chief Policy & Advocacy Officer,

"Whiteboard Advisors' understanding of the sector is unparalleled; they provide us with valuable market research, policy analysis, and insights into the influencers who shape the conversation."

Jessie Lyons, Director of Government Affairs, Scholastic

"Whiteboard has been invaluable to Their connections to state policymakers provide us with reach across the country, and their understanding of the intersection of policy and media provides us with nuanced, thoughtful counsel to guide our strategy."

Cameron Wilson, COO,

Innovations In Education, Health, And Wellness For The Public Good.

We put big ideas into action. For over a decade, we’ve helped our clients navigate fragmented, highly regulated markets to achieve scale and make an impact. Cut through the noise. Simplify the complexity. We engage the media and communities of influence to bring breakthrough thinking to market.

Don't Drop The Ball

US News and World Report

"According to a poll conducted by Whiteboard Advisors, Washington insiders place the odds of getting the bill reauthorized this year at 40 percent – still less than 50-50, but a stronger showing than even a few months ago."

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The Consumerization Of Edtech

TechCrunch, by Ben Wallerstein and Jacob Stiglitz

As policy geeks, it’s easy to forecast limited investment in supplemental learning because of cultural norms or the structure of U.S. public education. But convenience has a funny way of shaping consumer behavior. Broadband ubiquity and mobile computing are beginning to bend the curve on access and, in turn, consumption. And it’s happening quickly.

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Which Student Data Privacy Bill Will Become Law?


But there’s dim hope for Vitter’s proposal, according to a survey of 50 to 75 political 'Insiders' published by Whiteboard Advisors, a Washington, DC-based consulting firm that publishes a monthly pulse check on proposed legislations.

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New Year, New Edu


David Deschryver, co-director of Whiteboard Advisors, said he anticipates that assessments will take a new turn under ESSA.

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The Report Card: Education at State Level in 2016

CQ Roll Call

Ben Wallerstein, co-founder at Whiteboard Advisors, said that although accountability in higher education is “still relatively nascent,” state legislatures will be taking a closer look at it next year. “We expect to see new accountability models considered in 2016.”

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Research. Advocacy. Communications.

Whiteboard Advisors is a multidisciplinary agency specializing in business development, complex research, and breakthrough communications. Our team of policy wonks, geeks, and storytellers brings an unmatched understanding of the media and policy landscape to bear on corporate strategy. With offices in Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley, we help our clients scale across fragmented markets, conduct policy and market research, and implement creative communications strategies.


New ideas rarely fit neatly within existing regulatory frameworks and funding streams. The procurement process confuses entrepreneurs and investors. Public sector leaders struggle to understand emerging business models and find solutions that can make an impact. We help executives navigate policy, and align solutions with real-world needs, to create public-private partnerships.


Demystify the complexity. Our research team helps entrepreneurs and investors simplify issues that confound the experts. We produce high quality research to inform transactional due diligence. Our weighted probability scenarios, risk assessments, and funding analyses guide strategy. As thought leaders in our own right, Whiteboard Advisors produces white papers and original research to cut through the noise. Because our team brings deep industry and technology expertise, coupled with years of policy and political experience, we offer a truly unique perspective — informed by real-time policy and political intelligence.


We showcase innovation at work. Our team helps entrepreneurs translate new ideas into words and stories that resonate with the media and communities of influence. Media relations. Content creation. High impact social media strategies and sentiment analysis.

Thought leadership extends beyond the media. Think tanks, foundations, and advocates set the tone for critical conversations surrounding education, health and wellness. We help clients make their case so that the audiences that matter pay attention.

Our Team.

Senior Advisors.

Our senior advisors bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise to our practice. They are thought leaders, writers, and commentators that share a deep commitment to access, equity, and innovation, and have served as classroom teachers, government leaders, and journalists. Senior advisors are engaged across a wide range of pursuits, beyond their work with our team. The views and opinions expressed by senior advisors beyond this website are not approved or endorsed by Whiteboard Advisors.

Jeff Selingo

Senior Advisor and Publisher, Education Insider

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