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Washington D.C. and state governments can be confusing. Seemingly unrelated issues cloud the policy environment, and conflicting expert opinions mask emerging trends. As a result, it is difficult to separate the substance from the rhetoric to accurately forecast funding levels or legislative and policy outcomes. The current education policy environment exemplifies this phenomenon.

Whiteboard Advisors is a policy-oriented consulting practice.  We provide proprietary research and strategic support to investors, philanthropic donors, government leaders, and entrepreneurs that seek unparalleled understanding of the education policy and business environment.  


Our team members have been on both sides of the policy and implementation experience. We have:

  • Held leadership positions within state and federal agencies, Congress, the U.S. Department of Education, and the White House
  • Advised foundations and corporations on their strategies and corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • Counseled investors, corporations, and government leaders on the latest developments in federal, state, and local policy and politics
  • Assisted government agencies with deploying non-profit and for-profit solutions that address public policy needs

Beyond education, our team members are actively engaged in other areas where business and public policy converge, including telecommunications, health IT, and clean energy technology.

In 2010, we launched Education Insider – an exclusive survey of political and policy “insiders” designed to track and forecast key fiscal, policy, and political trends in education. Check out Our Services to learn more about our work.

As part of the Grayling global family, Whiteboard draws upon the expertise of subject matter experts in 54 offices and 26 countries to provide strategic advice, research, and guidance for clients. 

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