The Insider View of Education Reform

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What is Education Insider?

Education Insider is a free monthly report that provides real-time insights on federal education policy trends, debates, and issues—from the handful of decision makers that are driving the process.  The Insiders include current and former White House and U.S. Department of Education staff, Congressional leaders, state school chiefs, and leaders of major trade associations, think tanks, and advocacy groups.

Through an exclusive survey tool, we ask these key policy and political insiders for their opinion on important and timely federal policy ranging from the timing of key legislation to the support or opposition of policy proposals. Feedback from the field is coupled with the expert analysis of our co-publishers Andy Rotherham, Jeff Selingo, and Austin Dannhaus to provide visibility into issues, trends, and likely outcomes. 

Each month's survey is based on the current events, debates, and emerging trends.  Topics covered have included ESEA reauthorization and waivers, federal funding, Common Core standards and assessments, national and state elections, digital learning, and Race to the Top.

Recent Insider Reports

March-April 2015 Education Insider: ESEA Timing, Common Core Testing Consortia, Student Data Privacy, Competency-Based Education, and Private Sector Involvement

February 2015 Education Insider: ESEA Reauthorization, Annual Testing, Title I Funding, Student Data Privacy, and Income-Based Repayment

January 2015 Education Insider: America's College Promise, Student Data Privacy, and K-12 Priorities

December 2014 Education Insider: Gainful Employment, Federal Legislation, and a Look Ahead at 2015

October 2014 Education Insider: Tracking Measures, 2014 Elections & Education, Vergara, Future of Common Core/Assessments

July-August 2014 Education Insider: Tracking Measures, Common Core, Sec. Duncan Job Approval Ratings, and Federal Policy & Programs

June 2014 Education Insider:Tracking Measures, Federal Policy and Programs, Charter Schools, and Teach For America

June 2014 Education Insider:Tracking Measures, Federal Policy and Programs, Charter Schools, and Teach For America

May 2014 Education Insider: Common Core, Federal and State Policy, and Higher Education

April 2014 Education Insider: Gainful Employment, Race to the Top, House Education Committee, Common Core

March 2014 Education Insider: Gainful Employment, Student Data Privacy, and Common Core

February 2014 Education Insider: State of the Union Address

January 2014 Education Insider: 2014 Gubernatorial Elections, School Choice, Advice for Aspiring Policy Leaders, and Duncan-Starr

Insider In the News

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Education Insiders: Louisiana Ground Zero In Common Core FightThe Daily Caller, August 14, 2014

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Jindal & Common Core: A 2016 No-Brainer, POLITICO, August 14, 2014

Slim Hope for ESEA Reauthorization, Say Education 'Insiders', Education Week, August 14, 2014


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