The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs

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Great article by Walter Isaacson over at HBR on the leadership lessons from Steve Jobs.  The 14 points are below but the entire article is a must read.

  1. Focus;

  2. Simplify;

  3. Take Responsibility End to End;

  4. When Behind, Leapfrog;

  5. Put Products Before Profits;

  6. Don’t Be a Slave To Focus Groups;

  7. Bend Reality;

  8. Impute;

  9. Push for Perfection;

  10. Tolerate Only “A” Players;

  11. Engage Face-to-Face;

  12. Know Both the Big Picture and the Details;

  13. Combine the Humanities with the Sciences;

  14. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

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