January 2013 Education Insider: Looking Ahead to 2013: Federal Policy, School Safety, and Digital Learning

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This month's Education Insider is focused on a number of issues as we head into 2013, including our usual tracking measures, school safety, and digital learning. Highlights include:

•Insiders are split about whether Washington will pass school safety legislation in the wake of the Newtown tragedy, but see difficult prospects for anything ambitious.

•Insiders see more potential for digital learning initiatives at the state level than in Washington during 2013.

•A majority of Insiders do not see the Administration making inroads with teacher preparation reform in 2013.

•Insiders continue to see the SBAC Common Core assessment consortia on the wrong track and have mixed views on the PARCC consortia.

•Insiders continue to give Congress low approval ratings and remain split on the Administration. Prospects for ESEA reauthorization remain slim with even more Insiders forecasting 2015 as the earliest timeline.

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