How Proposed Title I Changes Impact School Funding and Edtech Vendors

EdSurge, by David DeSchryver

These newly proposed “supplement, not supplant” rules are now the hot ESSA topic, and they are worth your attention. They have significant implications for schools and districts, as well as for vendors and private partners. And the politics are ridiculous. So let's break out three storylines that you should follow. More in EdSurge.

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Don't Drop The Ball

US News and World Report

"According to a poll conducted by Whiteboard Advisors, Washington insiders place the odds of getting the bill reauthorized this year at 40 percent – still less than 50-50, but a stronger showing than even a few months ago."

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Which Student Data Privacy Bill Will Become Law?


But there’s dim hope for Vitter’s proposal, according to a survey of 50 to 75 political 'Insiders' published by Whiteboard Advisors, a Washington, DC-based consulting firm that publishes a monthly pulse check on proposed legislations.

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The Report Card: Education at State Level in 2016

CQ Roll Call

Ben Wallerstein, co-founder at Whiteboard Advisors, said that although accountability in higher education is “still relatively nascent,” state legislatures will be taking a closer look at it next year. “We expect to see new accountability models considered in 2016.”

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