• By John Bailey
    March 15, 2011

    POTUSSpeechPresident Obama issued his strongest call for ESEA reauthorization this year while delivering a speech yesterday at  Read more

  • By John Bailey
    January 26, 2011

    Yesterday, David wrote about the White House's enhanced SOTU-website.  Full text of the speech here. White House fact sheets here and here.  The Washington Post provides a fun way to compare this year's speech to previous years.  Word clouds at the bottomr depict the frequency of words used for the entire speech and also just the education section. 

    Rep. Kline issued a statement after the speech.  Education Insider co-publisher Andy Rotherham offers some reactions to the speech here and here.  EdWeek's coverage here.

    I thought it was generally a good speech, but was surprised at the rather lukewarm call for ESEA reauthorization.  It was stronger than last year's, but still rather tepid and lacking any real details other than increasing the number of STEM teachers.  It's not surprising that 56% of our Insiders think ESEA reauthorization will be delayed until 2013.

    This line also puzzled me, "That's why instead of just pouring money into a system that's not working, we launched a competition called Race to the Top."   Technically, most of the stimulus funds were poured into a system that isn't working - through Title I and other forumula programs. And the EduJobs bill poured $10 billion - more than two times the size of RttT - into supporting the status quo instead of adopting a cleantech approach of funding new innovations or scaling charters schools or online learning providers.   

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  • By John Bailey
    July 30, 2010

    Excerpts below from President Obama's speech on education reform at the National Urban League Centennial Conference.  Full text here.  White House blog entry here.   Video at the bottom.  

    Two interesting things not in the speech. First, no call for Congress to reauthorize ESEA. This is why most of our Insiders in our recent Education Insider report said they were pessimistic about ESEA being reauthorized anytime soon (a surprising 43% said it wouldn't be until after 2012).  It's also why 75% of our Insiders said the President has to be more engaged in reauthorization.

    Second, there was only a vague reference to the $10 billion EduJobs bill.  A bit surprising because in May, Secretary Duncan said, "we need emergency action and we need it now"  and the Hill has been complaining about the Administration sending mixed messages about its budget priorities.  Given that, and that the beginning of school is only a few weeks away, I had expected a more forceful call for Congress to quickly act.  

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