Education Insider: Early Childhood Education

Early-childhood education is emerging as a contentious policy issue in states and Washington and as an opportunity for education investors and non-profits. The Obama Administration has launched a number of initiatives advancing early childhood education ranging from reforming Head Start to the release of the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant winners. We asked Insiders for their thoughts on the effectiveness of these reforms, the support in Congress for expanding early childhood education initiatives, the likelihood for additional funding, and where the greatest opportunities are for providers in the next several years.

We also have introduced several new tracking questions to the survey including if the Race to the Top Assessment coalitions are on the "right track" or "wrong track" and if support for the Common Core is increasing or decreasing among key constituencies and thought leaders.

Join Andy Rotherham and John Bailey for a discussion of this month's survey results. Sara Mead, an early learning policy expert from Bellwether Education Partners, will join them for the conversation and be available for your questions.

Tacking Questions

Insiders were ahead of the conventional wisdom that ESEA reauthorization was stalled and continue to believe we won't see a bill signed into law until after 2013.

Insiders don't see any wild swings in support for the Common Core, with the exception of commercial vendors. However, it is notable that more than a third believe there is descreasing support among Congress and state officials. This is an area to watch as we might see a backing away from the Common Core in several states.

Insiders were flipped in their perspectives of if the PARCC and SMBAC assessments were on the right track or wrong track.