Education Insider: ESEA, RttT, Early Learning Childhood, Waivers, and 2012 Presidential Race

This month's survey explored a number of federal issues including:

  • Has ESEA reauthorization stalled?
  • What current Federal policies should be waived? What shouldn't be waived?
  • Which state is most likely to win the next RttT competition?
  • What are Insider reactions to the new early childhood education grant?
  • Is the elimination of federal literacy programs just a blip or a signal of a shifting federal priorities away from literacy?
  • Are we experiencing a technology bubble in K12 education?
  • What is next for the Gainful Employment regulation? Do Insiders believe there will be legal and legislative action taken to stop its implementation?

And much more including a new regular feature tracking the 2012 Presidential Election Cycle.

Join us and special guests David DeSchryver and Sara Mead for a discussion on the latest results and answers to your questions!

David DeSchryver

David DeSchryver serves as the VP of Education Policy for Whiteboard Advisors. He is an education attorney who has worked in education technology, policy and law for over 14 years. He works with both public and private sector clients, providing them counsel on federal programs, regulations, budgets, legislation, administrative actions and how this all shapes the challenges of education entrepreneurship.

David has served as the policy director for The Center for Education Reform, he worked with state and federal legislators to develop a wide variety of school improvement legislation. As a managing editor and academic services manager at SchoolNet he wrote articles on school transformation and technology reflecting his experience in implementing comprehensive instructional management systems in urban schools and districts. As an NCLB program manager for the DC Public Charter School Board, he worked with schools to facilitate their compliance with NCLB and develop their school improvement processes. Finally, as an attorney at the national education law firm of Brustein & Manasevit, he provided counsel to state and local educational agencies on a wide variety of federal education law, policy and funding matters.

Sara Mead

Sara Mead is a senior associate partner with Bellwether Education Partners, a non-profit organization working to improve educational outcomes for low-income students. She focuses on thought leadership as well as strategic advising at Bellwether. Her work on federal education policy, charter schools, preschool, and gender in education has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Washington Post, New York Times, and USA Today, and she has appeared on CBS and ABC News and on NPR. Before joining Bellwether, she directed the New America Foundation‰'s Early Education Initiative. She has also worked for Education Sector, the Progressive Policy Institute, and the U.S. Department of Education. She serves on the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board, which authorizes charter schools in the District of Columbia and holds them accountable for results, and on the board of Democrats for Education Reform. The daughter, granddaughter, and sister of public school educators, she holds a bachelor‰'s degree in public policy from Vanderbilt University.