February 2013 Education Insider: Digital Learning and Common Core

This month, we asked Education Insiders about general federal education policy, digital learning trends in K12 and higher education, as well as the implementation of Common Core. A few highlights:

  • In the wake of the Senate hearing on No Child Left Behind waivers, 71 percent of Insiders think ESEA will not be reauthorized until at least 2015.
  • 68% of Insiders think estimates of cost savings from blended learning are overstated.
  • An overwhelming majority of Insiders think that MOOCs are more than a passing fad and will substantially disrupt higher education.
  • Insiders see a lack of bandwidth as a major barrier to successful implementation of the new Common Core assessments. Insiders remain concerned about the two assessment consortia and for the first time more than half of Insiders say that PARCC is on the ‰"wrong track.‰"
  • 87% of Insiders think more states will drop out of the Common Core assessment consortia this year.