February 2013 Education Insider: State of the Union Snapshot

This week, we asked Education Insiders to respond to the education proposals laid out by President Obama in his State of the Union address. Insiders seem mostly skeptical that the President's education plans will become reality this year. A few highlights:

  • 73% of Insiders are pessimistic about the likelihood of high-quality preschool programs.
  • About 57% of Insiders are skeptical of the President's STEM Master Teacher Corps initiative passing, but 42% think there is a chance.
  • Insiders are slightly more optimistic about a Race to the Top high school redesign becoming a reality, mostly because of the existing RTT brand and history of receiving appropriations
  • All of higher education‰лгnot just for profit institutions ‰лгshould be on the lookout for more transparency-like measures. A significant percent of Insiders were neutral on the chances of the higher ed accountability proposal.
  • A majority of Insiders think it is unlikely that Congress will authorize an $8 billion Community College to Career program.