February 2015 Education Insider: ESEA Reauthorization, Annual Testing, Title I Funding, Student Data Privacy, and Income-Based Repayment

In February, we asked Insiders to examine the timing of ESEA reauthorization, prospects for continued federal requirements for annual testing, changes to the Title I funding formula, likelihood of passage for a student data privay bill, and sustainability of the federal income-based repayment program for student loans.

We released the initial results on the timing of ESEA reauthorization last week. Below are additional highlights from the executive summary of the February 2015 report.

  • 51% of Insiders believe that ESEA could be reauthorized in 2015.
  • Nearly two-thirds‰--65%‰--of Insiders believe that the federal annual testing requirement is here to stay.
  • 60% of Insiders believe that the proposed Title I portability changes will be included in the next version of ESEA.
  • 62% of Insiders believe a student data privacy bill will be in place before Obama leaves office.
  • When asked if the current income-based repayment program in sustainable, 56% said they were unsure.

Publisher's Note: Our February survey closed on February 25, a couple of days before the House delayed a vote on a version of a bill to reauthorize ESEA. We sent a follow-up survey to Insiders on March 2 to see how the delay affects the outlook for reauthorization. You can view the results on our blog.