The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Mid-year Roundup of Gift Cards

This past holiday season, the Whiteboard Advisors team gave our friends and clients the opportunity to give back to those who make the most significant impact in the classroom – teachers, by contributing to a project of their choice.

We are proud to report that the majority of the projects have been fully funded, and the resources have been delivered to their respective classrooms across the U.S., from urban districts in Washington, D.C. to rural schools in Arizona. Over 80% of the donations have helped to fund projects in schools in high-need or high-poverty areas.

From STEM to literacy to music, here are a few examples of innovative and inspiring projects from teachers and students across the nation that our friends and clients have helped make possible:

  • A listening center at a high-poverty elementary school in Delaware, given by a client in honor of his mother, who “taught thousands of students to read during her career as an elementary teacher.”
  • An iPad and tablets for students with disabilities in a K-3 classroom in Chicago.
  • A STEM-focused Family Math night at an Orlando elementary school, where over half of the school’s population is homeless.
  • 50 new books for a low-income school in Chicago. As our client noted, “Everyone is a reader. Some just haven’t found their favorite book yet. Here’s to hoping that some of your students find their favorite in your new collection!”
  • Materials for a community STEM event in a high-poverty area in California to help promote the school’s award-winning robotics team.
  • Two new bass bars for xylophones for a rural elementary school program in Kansas.
  • Digital recorders for middle school students at a tribal reservation school to develop a newsletter.

If you are interested in donating to a project, please find more information at Are you a client or friend who hasn’t used your gift card yet? Contact with any questions or inquiries about the gift card instructions.