January 2014 Education Insider: 2014 Gubernatorial Elections, School Choice, Advice for Aspiring Policy Leaders, and Duncan-Starr

In our first Education Insider of 2014, we check in on Insider attitudes toward Congress and the White House, the reauthorization of federal K-12 and higher education, and Common Core. Insiders also weigh in on the upcoming gubernatorial elections, the state of school choice, and policy leadership.

  • As in recent months, the overwhelming majority of Insiders think that neither ESEA nor the Higher Education Act will be authorized until January 2015 or later.
  • 71% of Insiders think that the Florida gubernatorial race is the most important one to watch for education. They also think that the New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, and Georgia gubernatorial races are important races to follow for education.
  • Insiders‰' ratings of ‰"right track/wrong track‰" for the Common Core assessment consortia remainrelatively consistent compared to November 2013, the last time this question was asked.
  • 69% of Insiders think that the school choice movement has gained momentum compared to five years ago. Looking ahead, 61% think the movement will continue to gain momentum over the next five years.
  • 74% of Insiders were not surprised by Sec. Duncan‰'s role in advocating to then NYC Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio not to choose Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Joshua P. Starr for NYC Chancellor. 69% said his involvement did not matter.
  • Insiders believe that the most important leadership skills to develop are collaboration and team building, risk taking, and decision making. When asked about technical skills, their top choices included content expertise, communications, and research, analysis, and evaluation.