January 2015 Education Insider Report: America's College Promise, Student Data Privacy, and K-12 Priorities

Last week, we released a sneak peek at our brief January Education Insider report that focuses on education policy priorities that have been front and center in the early weeks of 2015. Our survey asked Insiders to consider President Obama's State of the Union address, Secretary Duncan's January 12 speech, and Senator Alexander's proposed ESEA revision and offer their insight on the future of the America's College Promise proposal, the Student Data Privacy Act, and various K-12 education policies.

Here are a couple of highlights:

  • 93% of Insiders believe that the America's College Promise proposal will not be implemented. The general consensus is that a large spending program is unlikely to make it through a Republican-led Congress.
  • 51% of Insiders think that action on Student Data Privacy is likley, citing broadbased support for the protections from all stakeholders and both Republicans and Democrats. Those who were less optimistic pointed to the potential for politics to get in the way as the leading stumbling block for the proposal.

Be sure to download the report below.