July-August 2013 Insider: Higher Education, Student Success Act, Waivers, and Common Core

It has been a busy summer for education policy. In our July-August Insider edition, we asked Insiders to weigh in on recent activity, including ESEA reauthorization in the U.S. House, the student loan debate, and Common Core assessments. Highlights include:

  • Almost all Insiders think that if Florida were to withdraw from the PARCC assessment consortium, it would have a somewhat or very significant impact on the future of the consortium.
  • Insiders continue to be skeptical about ESEA reauthorization, with 85% believing that it will not happen until after January 2015, even though the House passed a bill in July. Similarly, 83% believe that the Higher Education Act will not be reauthorized until after January 2015.
  • 60% of Insiders think that the ESEA waivers have negatively impacted school accountability for students overall, and 69% feel that the waivers have had a negative impact on low-income, minority, and special needs students.
  • Only 27% of Insiders think that the Student Success Act addresses the primary shortcomings of No Child Left Behind (NCLB).