July-August 2014 Education Insider: Tracking Measures, Common Core, Sec. Duncan Job Approval Ratings, and Federal Policy & Programs

This month, Insiders provided new feedback on the timing of Higher Education Act reauthorization, and 74% of respondents stated they do not think ESEA will be reauthorized until after December 2015. Also, when asked to weigh in on the potential national impact of Governor Jindal‰'s recent decision to pull Louisiana out of Common Core implementation, most Insiders considered Jindal‰'s stance to be motivated by politics rather than substantive concerns about the standards.

Other highlights from this survey include the following:

  • When given an updated set of options regarding the timing of Higher Education Act reauthorization, 32% of Insiders believe it may be by December 2015.
  • Secretary Of Education Arne Duncan's policies remain controversial. Less than half of Insiders approve of the job Sec. Duncan is doing but give him better marks on higher education than elementary and secondary policy. Duncan earned a higher job approval rating than the Administration overall, and both Duncan and the Administration rate higher than Congress.
  • Insiders selected Gainful Employment regulations as the policy shift with the greatest impact on the future of higher education.