June 2014 Education Insider: Tracking Measures, Federal Policy and Programs, Charter Schools, and Teach For America

This month, we asked Insiders to respond to trends in federal policy and programs, weigh in on data privacy legislation, and share their insights on charter schools. Among the highlights:

  • More than half of Insiders see potential for higher education policy shifts in the next two years in the following areas: competency-based education, open education resources, a new federal college ratings system, and college access for low-income/minority students.
  • 42% of Insiders think there will be federal legislation about student data privacy in the next 18 months. Only 36% think federal regulations on the issue are likely.
  • Insiders are pessimistic about the chances for charter school legislation this year. While 67% of Insiders would like to see the Senate take up legislation on the Expanding Opportunity Through Quality Charter Schools Act before this year’s elections, just 3% think they will.
  • The majority of Insiders do not think that a final rule will be implemented for teacher training programs before the end of the Obama Administration’s term. 58% of Insiders think that, even if implemented, such regulations would not have any more impact on the quality of teacher prep programs than past federal efforts have.
  • 21% of Insiders now think that ESEA will never be reauthorized—it will be subsumed by other education laws.