March 2013 Education Insider: Tracking Measures, Sequestration, and Higher Education Act

This month's Education Insider focuses on the sequester and the Higher Education Act. Key highlights include:

  • Insiders continue to see reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Higher Education Act as unlikely until after 2015. Only 1 in 4 Insiders see HEA reauthorization as likely before 2015. Just 8% say the same thing about ESEA.
  • Among Insiders, confidence in the SBAC assessment consortium improved slightly over last month, while Insiders‰' perception that PARCC is on the ‰"wrong track‰" continues to rise.
  • Insiders say the impact of the sequester will be less substantial than the Obama Administration claims and believe that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan hurt his credibility with his comments about sequester. Only 9% of Insiders believe that Congress will use the continuing resolution to cancel the sequester.
  • Insiders think there is a slim chance of Senator Harkin‰'s (D-IA) Students First Act, which focuses on higher education policy, passing as a stand-alone piece of legislation. They are slightly more optimistic that aspects of the Students First Act will be incorporated into a reauthorized Higher Education Act.
  • Approval ratings for the Obama Administration and Congress remain unchanged with mixed (but below 50%) ratings for the President and low ratings for Capitol Hill.