March 2014 Education Insider: Gainful Employment, Student Data Privacy, and Common Core

This month, insiders focus on our usual tracking measures as well as gainful employment, student data privacy, and the Common Core. Among the highlights:

  • Throughout state capitols and the national media, student data is emerging as a hot button issue. 73% of Insiders think there are companies operating in the education sector in ways that violate federal data privacy laws. 83% of Insiders think that student data privacy is a serious or very serious political issue.
  • Insiders are split on whether the Common Core is on stronger political ground if it survives this year‰'s legislative sessions in states. Only 28% of Insiders think that teachers union complaints against it are legitimate, but at the same time, 46% believe that union concern about poor implementation and insufficient funding is the greatest threat to the Common Core.
  • Insiders continue to see long odds for passage of major education legislation before the Congress adjourns.
  • 52% of Insiders think that at least 20 states will pass legislation that addresses the issue of student data privacy but does not have an adverse impact on schools‰' ability to use student data. Only 8% think the federal government will do the same.