May 2013 Insider: Tracking Measures, Growing Headwinds for Common Core, and Prospects for Administration Policy Proposals

In our May survey, we have asked Insiders to weigh in on the state of Common Core, in light of several recent developments including the RNC resolution, Randi Weingarten's suggested moratorium, and Senator Grassley's amendment. Insiders also commented on the likelihood of key Administration proposals advancing. Among the highlights:

  • Major tracking issues remain largely unchanged. Despite talk about ESEA mark-ups on the Hill, most Insiders believe that ESEA reauthorization is unlikely until 2015. Disapproval for the Administration continues to rise. Meanwhile, Insiders believe HEA will not be reauthorized prior to 2014, and most Insiders believe it will not be authorized prior to 2015 at the earliest.
  • Wrong track numbers for both Common Core assessment consortia remain high but for the second month in a row more Insiders say PARCC is on the ‰"wrong track‰" than say that about SBAC. Despite the debate about Common Core standards in many states and at the national level, Insiders see support for the standards as relatively unchanged among key stakeholders.
  • Insiders do not believe Senator Grassley‰"s amendment to curtail federal support for Common Core will be enacted but believe it could impact education legislation on Capitol Hill. A majority of Insiders think states will call for some sort of moratorium.
  • Insiders see some significance to the recent RNC anti-Common Core movement, disagree about the best people to counter rising conservative opposition to Common Core, and see the recent science standards as throwing fuel on the Common Core fire.
  • Insiders see long odds for key Administration proposals and three in four see the President‰'s Pre-K proposal as more about politics than policy.