May 2014 Education Insider: Common Core, Federal and State Policy, and Higher Education

This month, we asked Insiders to respond to trends in higher education, the state of Common Core, and policy on Capitol Hill and in state houses. Among the highlights:

  • For the first time, 100% of Insiders think that the Higher Education Act will not be reauthorized until at least January 2015.
  • 68% of Insiders do not think a cap will be put on Pay as You Earn loan forgiveness.
  • 63% of Insiders think that PARCC is on the right track, the highest number since November 2012. 61% think that Smarter Balanced is on the right track as well, the highest number since summer 2013.
  • 91% of Insiders predict that more states will drop out of the Common Core assessment consortia in 2014, and 97% predict more will do so in 2015.
  • Most Insiders‰--80%‰--do not think that the charter school bill currently on Capitol Hill will be signed into law before the end of the session. Half think that the Education Sciences Reform Act will be.
  • Most Insiders do not think ed tech companies have been successful at influencing policy at the federal level. Insiders think these companies have been more effective in the states.