New York State Grant Overview - Systemic Supports for District and School Turnaround

New York State has released an RFP for its Systemic Supports for District and School Turnaround grant, funded through its federal Race to the Top grant. This grant will provide opportunities for school districts with eligible Priority Schools to partner with support organizations to:

  • Build supportive district‰-level operating structures, and re‰-frame district systems to support schools in improving students‰' academic performance and holding them accountable for needed gains in performance.
  • Build the capacity of district and school leaders to co‰-design and implement school turnaround plans that ensure dramatic gains in student academic performance, through the effective implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), systems for teacher and leader effectiveness, and a cycle of data‰-driven instruction/ inquiry and action.
  • Coordinate and streamline an LEA‰'s existing school turnaround efforts (through existing implementation of School Improvement Grant (1003g), Race to the Top Scope of Work plans, Comprehensive Education Plans (CEP), and Consolidated Applications, etc.) into one integrated approach to school turnaround.

Applications due August 1st, 2012

For complete information, please refer to the Overview Document included here.