November 2012 Education Insider: Election Impact, Sequestration, Federal Policy, and Testing

This month's Education Insider survey includes both pre-election and post-election questions regarding the election's impact on state policy, sequestration, and testing.

Key highlights include:

  • Insiders believe that ESEA reauthorization remains a long shot and that the election did little to change that. When asked about IDEA reauthorization, half of Insiders predicted at least a 2015 reauthorization.
  • Insiders believe that the teachers unions had a better election night than education reformers. Charter schools are also seen as an election winner and a less politically toxic issue going forward. Insiders have varied views on the impact of elections in IN, SD, and ID.
  • Insiders remain very skeptical of the SBAC assessment consortia and one‰-third think the PARCC consortia is on the wrong track. Insiders also see a real possibility that a lot of states will exit the consortia and design their own custom Common Core aligned tests.
  • Insiders believe a budget deal will be struck to avoid the sequestration budget cuts but that some budget cuts are likely.