November 2013 Education Insider: Tracking Measures, Rural Education, and U.S. Department of Education Political Appointees

This month's Education Insider report focuses on our usual tracking measures, rural school districts and rural education, and political appointees at the U.S. Department of Education. Among the highlights:

  • Insiders give the same approval ratings to the PARCC and SBAC Common Core assessment consortia, indicating a slight increase in PARCC approval and a steady rating for SBAC. For the first time ever, over 50% of Insiders think that both consortia are on the ‰"right track."
  • 78% of Insiders agree or strongly agree that most education policies are primarily designed for urban and suburban school districts and are often poorly suited to rural districts.
  • Insiders do not think that the Higher Education Act will be reauthorized anytime soon, and they do not believe that the appointment of Ted Mitchell, a former professor and college university president, as Under Secretary for Education will have any impact on the timing of reauthorization.
  • Insiders generally do not think that U.S. Department of Education nominees Ted Mitchell, Jim Shelton, or Massie Ritsch will run into confirmation trouble. Those that do are divided as to whether the trouble will come from the left or the right.