November 2013 Insider: Elections and Education

Last week, several states and cities held elections that will have a considerable impact on the K-12 education system. We asked Insiders to briefly respond to the results of those elections, and share their insight on the education implications. Among the highlights:

  • 71% of Insiders think that NYC‰'s mayor‰-elect, Bill de Blasio, will reverse the city‰'s current A‰-F school grading scheme.
  • Insiders think that NYC mayor‰-elect de Blasio will make conditions less favorable for charters, but a number feel that his efforts will not be ‰"fatal.‰"
  • Insiders do not believe there is one single shoo‰-in for New York City‰'s next Chancellor but cast their bets for Andres Alonso. They believe Randi Weingarten is least likely to be selected.
  • 57% of Insiders think that Boston‰'s new mayor, Martin Walsh, will lift charter school caps there.
  • Most Insiders think that the re‰-election of Chris Christie in New Jersey will mean more of the same, with him largely staying the course and perhaps an increased focus on charter schools.