Oct. Update: 2010 State of States

We are pleased to present an update to the 2010 State of the States report which contains a state-by-state analysis of the 37 governor races. This document reflects information as of October 12, 2010.

This year is a "mega‰-election year" at the state level ‰-- with the Congressional midterms and 37 gubernatorial races (the most since 2000). The significance of this cycle is compounded by the fact that, given the number of term‰-limited and retiring governors, over half (nineteen) of the races are for open seats. Education makes up a significant portion of state budgets and as such, will will emerge as an important and high profile issue during the 2010 cycle as candidates lay out a vision for education reform and struggle with potential funding cuts.

These governor races will also be important with respect to several Federal priorities, including Common Core Standards, the new assessment coalitions, and Race to the Top. Will the candidates continue the policies of their predecessors in each of these areas or will they change course?