October 2013 Insider: Tracking Measures, DOJ/Louisiana Lawsuit, Common Core, and the Broad Prize

This month, Education Insiders remain pessimistic about prospects for ESEA reauthorization and also see HEA reauthorization as a long shot during this Congress. Perhaps no surprise given the current federal shutdown, but Congress and the Administration continue to get low marks from Insiders, with Congressional approval in the single digits.

Insiders also weigh in on Common Core developments, the Department of Justice's recent lawsuit against Louisiana, and the recent Broad Prize award to Houston ISD:

  • Citing recent events, Insiders give the PARCC Common Core assessment consortium its highest marks since February 2013. 42% now say PARCC is on the ‰"right track,‰" compared to 27% in our last two surveys.
  • Insiders are unimpressed by the Department of Justice‰'s lawsuit against Louisiana‰'s school voucher program. 63% of Insiders believe the suit helps Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Most Insiders see the lawsuit as inconsequential to the politics surrounding Common Core in Louisiana.
  • Insiders are split about whether Louisiana and Wisconsin will drop out of the Common Core assessment consortia. Insiders see a variety of influential voices for and against the Common Core assessments but think some putative allies may be doing harm to proponents of the standards.
  • Insiders have mixed views about The Broad Prize for Urban Education, which Houston ISD won last month, but only 15% believe the award is an inappropriate celebration of urban school districts given their overall low levels of performance.