Preview of 2015 National Public Charter Schools Conference

David Deschryver

Today, it has become increasingly difficult to secure federal funding and to manage it well. The programs are growing scarcer. The demands upon the programs are becoming more technical, and the level of expertise needed to maximize flexibility across all of your grants is on the rise.„

There are, however, some simple steps that can get you ahead of most grant seekers.„

  • Be able to quickly identify the funding opportunities, and know the primary sources of this information. Do not rely on third parties. They are there to supplement, not supplant your knowledge from the primary sources. (Yep, there is a bad joke in there). „
  • Know the basic program fiscal and grant management rules. This will allow you to optimize the funding and to couple it with existing funding activities. It will also allow you to know when you can braid or blend the funds with other sources in order to deliver your objectives, for example.
  • Connect with those who have been successful. There are many great people out there who would love to share their experiences.

These are just some of the keys to success in the new era of federal fiscal scarcity. I'll be discussing these and more at this year's National Public Charter School Conference in New Orleans on Tuesday, June 23rd. If you are in town, please stop by and say hello! It is happening in Convention Center room 224 at 1:45 pm. If you can't make it and are in town for the conference, drop me a line at david at„