Reflections from Data Privacy Boot Camp

David DeSchryver

Last week, the Future of Privacy Forum and Rethink Education hosted a privacy "boot camp" for about 40 ed tech companies that are trying to navigate data privacy. „Whiteboard Advisors took part in the two day fest, joining National Association of State Boards of Education and the Alliance for Excellent Education on a panel to discuss state policies and best practices.„

My contribution, as one who has advised state educational agencies and private companies on the issue, was to encourage everyone to keep it organized and simple. Companies should organize their responsibilities into three categories: compliance with federal and state requirements, best practices for data security and management, and opportunities for great customer service. A checklist of key questions/issues should sit on top of each category and these questions and should be regularly reviewed. The review should be part of your business rules. The issue of data privacy is changing quickly (by the month!), so organization is paramount.„

I also must have said this 30 times (sorry for those who had to heard it past 15): schools are just as wary about this as ed tech companies- and that is a customer service opportunity. Help them build new practices. Help them share their success. Build new longstanding relationship on this new foundation. It's a once in a career opportunity.