September 2013 Insider: Tracking Measures, Common Core Status & Momentum, and Higher Education

This month, Insiders weigh in on the state of Common Core and recent higher education activity. Insiders also continue to give Congress and the Administration low marks on education policy. Highlights from the survey include:

  • Continuing a recent trend, Insiders remain concerned about the PARCC Common Core assessment consortium while giving the SBAC consortium higher marks. 73% of Insiders think that PARCC is on the wrong track while just 44% feel the same way about SBAC.
  • 79% of Insiders believe that more states will drop out of the Common Core testing consortia in 2013, and 90% are convinced the number of participating states will drop in 2014.
  • 61% of Insiders feel that the opponents of the Common Core and related assessments have the momentum right now.
  • 97% of Insiders do not think that Congress will approve those aspects of Obama‰'s higher ed plan that require legislative approval.
  • A majority of Insiders do not think that the Gainful Employment rule-making panel will reach a consensus rule, but far fewer think that legislative action will block implementation of a Gainful Employment regulation.