Topline: PISA 2012 Results

PISA, the Programme for International Student Assessment, is given every three years by the OECD. About 510,000 students in 65 countries (or sub-national entities, like Shanghai) took part in PISA 2012. The results from the 2012 test administration were released this week.

Topline Results

  • The United States dropped in rankings for every PISA test in 2012, compared to 2009.
  • Among OECD nations, the US now ranks 17th in Reading, 21st in Science, and 26th in Math. These rankings are all lower than in 2009.
  • US scores have remained stagnant while other nations improved, causing the change in rankings.
    • Countries like Ireland and Poland, which had scores not statistically different from the US in 2009, now score higher than the US in all three subjects.
  • Shanghai remained the top performer in the world in all three subjects.
  • As in 2009, the US average math score is below the OECD average.
  • US reading and science scores are not statistically better or worse than the OECD average.
  • Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Florida participated in PISA as regional participants.
    • Massachusetts‰лЊ average scores were higher than the US and OECD average in all three subjects. Connecticut‰лЊs average scores were higher than the OECD average scores in science and reading.

In the document below, Whiteboard's Erica Price provides more details on the results in reading, mathematics, and science.