Dawn Baron


With a passion for pursuing dreams that make the world a better place, Dawn Baron supports our clients by helping them to shape and attain their greatest goals. Dawn specializes in coming in to a problem mid-stream and finding ways to turn lemons into lemonades while also laying the ground work for stability to enable future growth. Throughout her career, Dawn has been introduced to some of the most prominent women and men in the corporate learning space. She has supported companies with aspirations to provide for better work environments for their employees, start-ups that have unique and innovative ways to help others learn and thrive, and individuals who are looking to make a difference.

Most recently, Dawn has worked with clients to provide educational opportunities including high school diplomas/GED and tuition-free college degrees to frontline workers. She also actively works to bring new technologies and course content to the corporate education community. Dawn has had the opportunity to work for numerous associations, companies, and people who are passionate about education and advancement and proudly serves as a senior advisor at Whiteboard Advisors.

Dawn received her masters’ degrees in Business and Public Management from the University of Maryland in 2002 and has remained in the DC/VA/MA area ever since. She lives with her three sons in Northern Virginia where they work as a team to enjoy everything life has to offer.