Whiteboard Research

Whiteboard Research provides real-time insights on policy and market trends, debates, and issues from the perspectives of decision makers who shape the process.

Published 8/15/19

Moving Competency-based Education Forward

Published 3/8/19

Skills Based Hiring: A Primer

Go beyond the resume. We share why assessing not only experience, but also competencies, skills, and indicators of grit and potential, is crucial to hiring a diverse workforce. This Primer provides an overview of the challenge along with the history and relevance of skills-based hiring.

Published 3/8/19

SHIFT Happens: The New Landscape from Education to Employment

SHIFT Happens provides an overview of how technology is being applied across the education, training and hiring landscape, from so-called people analytics tools used by HR chiefs, to accelerated learning providers, credentialing platforms, and social networks like LinkedIn that help job applicants showcase unique skills and talents.

Published 10/9/17

Education Insider: Back to School Edition

For this edition of Education Insider, we sourced insights from influential thinkers and doers at the intersection of K-12 education policy and practice, including staff members from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, officials at the U.S. Department of Education, and analysts and leaders from think tanks and research groups.

Published 5/24/17

May 2017: Tech and Policy Perspectives from Higher Education Leaders

For this special edition of Education Insider, we sourced insights on tech and policy trends from influential leaders within a cross-section of public and private four-year institutions, including presidents, provosts, and deans; innovation and technology officers; and the leaders of major coalitions and associations that represent them.

Published 1/12/17

January 2017: Student Loan Policy

Late last year, the Government Accountability Office released a report indicating that the U.S. Department of Education drastically underestimated the cost of its income-driven student loan repayment plans. In the wake of that report, Whiteboard Advisors surveyed Insiders about student loan policy and what's anticipated from the upcoming Congress and Administration.

Published 11/17/16

November 2016: Post-Election Analysis

In the wake of the election, we asked Insiders to weigh in on the approach that Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress will take to education. If there's anything we learned, it's that uncertainty may be the new normal when it comes to federal education policy.

Published 5/9/16

May 2016: Assessment Trends, Higher Education, and the Presidential Campaigns

Insiders weigh in on recent federal developments in higher education, such as the Department of Education's experimental site initiative with non-accredited providers, the rise in defense to repayment claims by students, and the Office of the Inspector General's audit of Western Governors University and the institution’s competency-based programs. In this survey, Insiders also discuss whether states will continue to participate in federally funded testing consortia, and what K-12 and higher ed issues should be part of the 2016 Presidential election. 

Published 12/14/15

Education Insider: Special Edition on EdTech and Investment

For this Special Edition of Education Insider, we surveyed approximately 50 of the most knowledgeable education technology investors, strategic buyers, and bankers about the trends, priorities, and concerns animating edtech investment today.

Published 7/24/15

July 2015: ESEA Reauthorization, Common Core Testing Consortia, and the College Ratings Proposal

This month, we asked Insiders to evaluate the timing for ESEA reauthorization in light of the Senate's passage of the Every Child Achieves Act by a vote of 81-17.

Published 6/18/15

June 2015: ESEA & HEA, State Testing, Student Data Privacy & Debt-Free College Proposals

This month, in our June Education Insider survey, we take a look at the likelihood of Congress taking action on major K-12 and higher education legislation.

Published 4/13/15

March-April 2015: ESEA Timing, Common Core Testing Consortia, Student Data Privacy, Competency-Based Education, and Private Sector Involvement

For our 2015 March-April Education Insider survey, as asked Insiders to provide insight into a range a K-12 and higher education policy topics, including Common Core testing consortia, ESEA reauthorization timing, student data privacy legislation, competency based education, and the role of the private sector in education.

Published 3/4/15

February 2015: ESEA Reauthorization, Annual Testing, Title I Funding, Student Data Privacy, and Income-Based Repayment

In February, we asked Insiders to examine the timing of ESEA reauthorization, prospects for continued federal requirements for annual testing, changes to the Title I funding formula, likelihood of passage for a student data privay bill, and sustainability of the federal income-based repayment program for student loans.

Published 1/29/15

January 2015: America's College Promise, Student Data Privacy, and K-12 Priorities

Last week, we released a sneak peek at our brief January Education Insider report that focuses on education policy priorities that have been front and center in the early weeks of 2015.

Published 12/19/14

December 2014: Gainful Employment, Federal Legislation, and a Look Ahead at 2015

This month, we asked Insiders to weigh in on gainful employment regulations and key federal legislative priorities in light of the outcomes of the mid-term elections. We also asked them to share their expectations for the issues that will be top of mind for policymakers and education leaders in the new year.

Published 10/15/14

October 2014: Tracking Measures, 2014 Elections & Education, Vergara, Future of Common Core/Assessments

This month, we asked Insiders to focus on our usual tracking measures, the future of Common Core and assessments, as well as the future of Vergara-type litigation following on the heels of the landmark California litigation. Insiders also weighed in on the upcoming 2014 elections and the potential outcomes for education policy.

Published 8/14/14

July-August 2014: Tracking Measures, Common Core, Sec. Duncan Job Approval Ratings, and Federal Policy & Programs

This month, Insiders provided new feedback on the timing of Higher Education Act reauthorization, and 74% of respondents stated they do not think ESEA will be reauthorized until after December 2015.