Emily Kinard

Senior Associate

Emily joins Whiteboard Advisors as a seasoned K-12 and higher education professional. Prior to joining W/A, Emily was on the strategic alliances team at the education non-profit First Book, where she brokered and managed strategic corporate partnerships dedicated to fostering more equitable education opportunities for children in low-income communities. Her portfolio spanned domestic and global programs, with a special emphasis on STEM education and athlete and sports engagement. Emily also previously worked at Strada Education Network, where she focused on national engagement and research, including Strada’s consumer insights initiatives.

Emily is a proud Hoosier and graduate of Brigham Young University, where she was hired at the end of her senior year to lead a field research team studying the national education and childcare systems in Ghana. She received her Master’s Degree in Political Management from The George Washington University. 

In her free time Emily is an avid reader, perpetually disappointed sports fan, and ever-curious human spaceflight enthusiast. Emily attributes her passion for education to her own experiences in the classroom and an upbringing in a house filled with books.